May 27

The Sounds of Softball

16952961766_9a87ea4dd7_mPhoto Credit: jrcrespinphoto via Compfight cc

Thump the sound of the ball hitting the catcher’s mitt

Ting the sound of the bat hitting the ball furiously

Wuwu the sound of the ball zooming over the in fielders and out fielders heads

Thump the sound of the ball hitting everyone’s mitt

The umpire calls us in ” The game is over ladies. S.P.D has won the game.”

Ahhhhhhhh the sound of the girls screaming in excitement

rahhhhhhh the sound of the parents and the coaches in excitement

Those are the sounds of softball hope you enjoyed.

May 23

“I guess this is goodbye”

Photo Credit: <a href=””>watercolortears</a> via <a href=””>Compfight</a> <a href=”″>cc</a>5377220244_c40775aac6_m     Well It’s been a pretty fantastic year here at Briggs, some of us have had a few or more rough days I know I have. But we’re not talking about this. It’s kind of hard to say goodbye to this old blogging challenge, but we all have to let go at some point right?

I wrote a total 0f 15 blog posts my whole school year. It started out rough, but then it got better in the challenges. Some of my blog posts were school based, like my About Me, and a few others, In my total blogging experience I only got one comment, and that was on my favorite things post. The post that received the most comments was My Favorite Things post, it was really cool. Why I think that I only got one comment is because when I was first starting out I really didn’t get the point of blogging , so I’m not surprised that I only got one comment.

The post I enjoyed writing the most was: Dear Sarah. Because I really miss her and I want to try to reconnect with her, but that’s a totally different story. I changed the theme of my blog only three times, the reason why I changed It was because I like a little bit of change once in awhile, they have been pretty cool themes.

I didn’t really have any widgets on my blog because like I said earlier I’m not a very techy person, I honestly think that I don’t have enough. I only have one overseas person one my blog and that Avery, she’s pretty cool, to improve my blog I used compfight to get pictures and I also used wevideo for my podcast. I grew over my blogging year by trying to stay on topic throughout the posts. Also I think the challenge helped me with my writing skills.

“I guess this is goodbye.”

May 20

Letter Poem

4533029504_f98223b8e6Photo Credit: Diamond Brooke via Compfight cc

Dear Sarah,

It’s been several years since you past away.

Let me remind you on how and why I’m your friend.

It was an Instant friendship, from kindergarten to third grade.

Until the morning you never showed up for school.

I was utterly traumatized of what had happened the night before.

Everyone thought you moved, some even thought you were sick.

But I knew.


Dear Sarah,

I know you’re gone, but the voice in my head is saying,

“Get over her already, it’s been like 5 years since she died.”

I wake up screaming because I’m traumatized of what I saw.

I cut myself,  because I’m tired of feeling the pain emotionally,

so I do what you did.


My dad says,  “I miss her.¨

He wishes you could’ve been here to see Evelyn born.

You past a month before she was born.

Now she’s healthy ten year old who looks a little bit like you.

Nicholas told me to say that he misses you.

He’ll  never forget his little bear.

He misses picking me up and seeing your shining face.

I just want you to know that I’m still alive and well.

All I can say is Dear Sarah,

All I do in classes is space off, I see you everyday.

Every hour. Every minute. Every second.

I miss the sound of your voice.

I miss the way you laugh.

I just miss Sarah Copeland.

How does anyone expect me to cope from losing the one true friend I had?

Sarah, I know you can’t hear me.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t save you in time.

Just please somehow give me the news I need to be able to sleep good at night.

Just please.

Yours, Savannah

May 15

Joslyn Marie Breckhamm: Gone but Never forgotten

The wind

The wind whispered in my ear and said, “she’s gone”.

As I walked up to that ICU window it was as cold as ice, being there was kind of like a dream,

             Seeing the one and only person who knew me best, who was 8 years younger.

Hearing that life support machine chirp like a bird trying to escape the claws of their predator.

I went in trying not to have that waterfall shoot down my face.

They said “she’ll never make it.” But I tried to prove them wrong.

When I saw her laying there, the white’s leaving her eyes like ice cream slowly melting.

The only thing she said was, “It’s my time, I love you.”

I saw her brown straight hair,

as a plain of grass, slowly waving goodbye.

But when she looked over my way she said: “Forever and ever kid until you’re sick and tired of seeing me.”

I chuckled, I said: ” You actually read the book”.

Twenty five minutes later, My sister died of a brain tumor.

But when I woke up my dream did come true, that little girl torn away from me,

like a piece of paper ripped from a notebook or like a page torn from a book.

It felt as if the sun lost the moon, or a kitten lost it’s mother,

Those were my baby sister’s last words.

Now it’s time to get her back,

she’s been gone far to long,

See you later Joslyn!

This poem was based off of my book that I wrote characters3763022067_3a14d5d942

Photo Credit:

iRememberlove21 via Compfight cc

May 13

If I were to Travel: I would go to France


                   France is my dream country. With all of it’s cities, fancy people and their accents. I want to go here because it seems to me that it would be a once in a life time opportunity. fortunately some students from my school will get to go in the summer of 2016. If I were to go I would probably take the most funniest passport picture and then I would be a total scaredy cat on the plane.

                     I would pack all types of cloths and all of that. I would try to buy souvenirs for my friend and then when i got back i would probably tell my family a story about how good the trip was. and how i would want to go back with them for a longer trip.I would try my hardest to contain myself on the plane but I would be scared but also very excited.8648819776_0224feaa3b_m

Photo Credit: Beboy_photographies via Compfight cc

May 13

I feel Sunk

Right now I truly feel sunk.

You see nobody knows the true me, no one knows how many times i’ve sat in my room and cried, how many times I have lost hope, but reality is no one knows what’s going on inside. I have a endless black hole of emotions, that only I know the password too. But if it wasn’t for my friends I would really be sunk. I know this may be hard for you to read but I am truly sorry if you are feeling, sad, depressed, mad, lonely, or any of the following, and if you want to talk come to me, I can make time for you, I don’t care if it’s stuff at home, or any other issues. I’m here.

“But if you need me but don’t want me I shall stay, but if you no longer need me but want me i shall go”.

There’s this term I used to hear all the time from my grandma and it was. ” Everything is going to be all right I promise.” My grandma has always said that to my brother, my sister, and I. In third grade my best friend Sarah Copeland killed herself because of a stupid decision her dad made. I miss seeing her everyday. I had to see her lying there on that empty bathroom floor bleeding out everywhere. Can you imagine how hard that is for an eight year old girl. I had to keep quiet the next day at school so the teachers didn’t freak out. Everyday I say that saying to myself and I feel happy. I feel like I still have her.

May 13

My Crazy pug Bodi and Q

so this week we have to blog about animals

I am very excited for this weeks blog because I love animals. But I love dogs a lot. My dad used to have this dog named buford. he was so cute. and awesome. But unfortunately buford died about 3 years ago. Then my dad got this really cute pug named Bodi. Bodi is a pretty cool dog. He’s laid back, funny at sometimes, and also quit a jerk. But I love that little guy so much.

                                                Bodi is about two or three years old. he is really fat and fluffy. he sleeps a lot. But what dog doesn’t?Then there’s our older boxer susie q. But we just call her Q. Q died last year of cancer and having a tumor in her lungs. I took it really hard, especially when she was like my best friend.

                      So thats the post about my animals I hope you enjoyed thanks for reading!!!!!


3323647396_639773b818_mPhoto Credit: feeferlump via Compfight cc

May 12

Sunk, by: Savannah Ankrom


I can’t afford to lose you because if it wasn’t for you,

if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be aboard this,

ship of determination, courage,

and leader ship. If it wasn’t for this crazy relationship,

I would probably be on the other ship the, the one that,

sinks because it has to many,

passengers, but the messengers in my head are saying, that,

“I’m dead.

I have a needle and thread to get me out, I may as well quit while I am ahead,

because my thread is about to unravel,  If it wasn’t for this crazy relationship.

I would be sunk thirty feet below the surface.


Photo Credit: Titanic Prop via Compfight cc

May 11

Ball games around the world!

As you know I love softball! 

         I did some research and found out that softball is a little different in Australia. In 1939 the very first game was played. You see i’m not like the 1956 summer olympics when they were debating weather or not to let them actually have a spot in the olympics ( because i actually let the sport in). That’s kind of crazy huh? After the failure of getting softball on the 1956 olympic programme, an attempt  was made by western Australians to get softball included on the schedule at the 1962 British Empire games. Wow plot twist!

Your probably thinking what is the difference here? Well just be patient

           This is what is so different about softball in Australia to here. what is different is that if men played softball they couldn’t compete in other sports such as: Football, rugby, soccer, baseball, and lacrosse. Because softball was for girls not guys.( Exactly why i think guys should not be able to play because they already have tons of sports to themselves.).

I know your probably bored reading this but still.

                 If you don’t i love softball (As you can tell!) so i’ve been playing for ever and doing all of these blogs about softball is really amazing.

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April 8

My favorite Thing: My Family

FrogMiller via Compfight cc

Here are some of my most favorite things, sports , my friends, my teachers, but most importantly my family.

My family is possibly the best if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t know what I would do. The one person i look up to the most is my dad, my dad wakes up and takes me to school, then he comes homes hangs out with my step mom, then he goes to work until two o’clock in the morning. I’m am so proud to call him my father.

Another person I look up to in my family is my step mom. she does a lot for my dad, my sister and I. she is the best thing thats ever happened to me.Thank you mom for everything. I can’t believe she’s my step mom. I am so happy that I wake up and see her every morning.

Then there has to be my grandma. she has always been there for me no matter what. she’s my best friend. I think that when she finally goes I will go crazy. Thank you you grandma for everything.I can’t believe that she’s my grandmother.

Those are my favorite things!

what are your favorite things?

I am sorry I don’t know how to put a link on something else so I just added a link to my blog. sorry.